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Rosanna Pulido running in 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by freepgawker on December 7, 2009

Ms. Pulido has a new website,, and says she’s intending on running again for the IL 5th Congressional District seat – apparently again as a spoiler, as the RNC is backing State Representative Elizabeth Coulton. Ms. Pulido had a typical (for her) statement about Ms. Coulton and RNC Chair Michael Steele on, the same place where she posted comments about gays and Muslims that forced her into providing a public apology and lost her the vocal support and endorsement of many individuals and groups during her 2009 run:

As her new run may generate renewed interest in this site, please continue to the next post below which outlines Ms. Pulido’s original problem with her Free Republic posts in her 2009 run. Evidently Ms. Pulido still has not yet grasped that making racist, homophobic, and xenophobic comments on an Internet message board known for such things does not boost one’s chances of winning an election.

Edit 12/8: Ms. Pulido is proudly endorsed by, a website claiming to not be officially related to Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project, but inspired by it. Regardless, after informing the site’s founder Jacob Roecker that Ms. Pulido has had a history of offensive statements towards Muslims, gays, Catholics, and others and has previously released public apologies and lost endorsements because of those statements, Ms. Roecker responded with the following:

Clearly, Mr. Roecker’s concern isn’t with being associated or endorsing an individual for an elected position that has a history of racist, xenophobic, ignorant remarks, regardless of the outcry that ensues. Mr. Roecker also didn’t care to check the screencaps of the original quotes, the links to the original threads, and the various news stories that reference the material, including Ms. Pulido’s own public apologies. Mr. Roecker believes that no one can “force someone else to be offended” and that offending “muslims” isn’t truly an offense. (The quotes may indicate that Mr. Roecker believes that Muslims do not exist whatsoever; others may have to ask him that directly as he has not yet responded to the return email thanking him for demonstrating the type of ignorance that Rosanna Pulido fosters and exemplifies.) What Mr. Roecker may not understand is that insulting groups of people based on race or religion may result in offense, and he is certainly welcome to try and explain that it is the fault of those being insulted for being offended, yet a candidate for public office may have a much harder time explaining why those they’ve offended should vote for them.

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