Rosanna Pulido is a Freeper

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This is a blog to collect Rosanna Pulido’s posts on Why? Because no one else was putting a spotlight on her offensive, bigoted commentary.

Yes, we know she’s very likely going to lose the election. So why bother cataloging her Free Republic posts? Well, besides the archival purpose in case Free Republic decides to erase her posting history as too unflattering, its simply a matter of exposing what type of candidate the Republican Party thinks it can get away with running. Attitudes like Rosanna Pulido’s are unfortunately not all that uncommon among certain conservative circles. Most candidates running for public office – or even people that understand that rampant bigotry and homophobia aren’t widely accepted anymore – tend to keep their virulent opinions closer to the vest, or couched in more acceptable terminology. Ms. Pulido apparently would rather revel in her ignorance with like-minded individuals. That’s certainly her right, but its also the right of the people who she’s looking to represent in Congress to know and understand what her feelings on these subjects actually are.

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